Our approach

Our expertise consists in the combining of real estate valuation techniques with financial analysis and assessment tools.

The profession of asset management

Acting like an orchestra conductor, Aquila Asset Management analyzes and handles real estate issues with the support of carefully selected experts: architects, surveyors, agents, lawyers, notaries, property managers, etc. During the acquisition phase, we propose a valuation strategy and develop a business plan featuring dynamic financial forecasts that measure the return on investment (IRR, equity multiple, cash on cash yield). During the valuation phase, our goal is to optimize the return on investment by striving towards constant improvement of the previously defined business plan.

Analyzing the risk and preserving capital

All investments are characterized by an expected gain that is correlated with a certain level of risk. For a real estate asset, there can be a variety of risks involved: technical and/or environmental risks, administrative risks, legal risks, liquidity risks. Risk analysis and capital preservation are at the heart of our approach: each valuation assumption that we make is validated with tangible elements (comparisons, expert advice, market research, price estimates, etc.). Each business plan includes a base case and downside cases scenarios and/or sensitivity analyses, no management decision is made without a prior assessment of its impact on the overall investment performance. Thanks to a rigorous and comprehensive reporting process, our clients have a clear and constant view of the level of risk inherent in an expected financial performance.

A motivated and experienced team

The success of our missions is achieved thanks to a team of competent, experienced and motivated professionals. At Aquila Asset Management, each case is handled by a senior deal leader, with heavy involvement by the management team. The remuneration of deal leader is based on a profit sharing scheme directly tied to the financial performance of assets under management. Moreover, the best of them have the opportunity to become shareholders of Aquila Asset Management. Thanks to this system, Aquila Asset Management guarantees its clients that they will be working with a team of highly qualified, highly motivated professionals that are committed to long term performance.