Asset Management

Aquila Asset Management implements intensive valuation strategy and relies on the market's top experts in order to optimize the financial performance of assets under management.

In the asset valuation phase, which includes the resale, Aquila Asset Management's objective is to implement and, if possible, outperform the previously defined business plan. Strategic decisions are made in agreement with the investor and according to its expectations.

Aquila Asset Management acts like an orchestra conductor for the real estate transactions that it manages, leading and coordinating a project team which consists of various experts selected according to the defined objectives and the specifics of the project. A unique network built on 15 years of experience allows Aquila Asset Management to rely on the market's top specialists for each real estate issue. This central position allows Aquila Asset Management to have the comprehensive vision that's necessary to make decisions while maintaining in-depth control of every aspect of a real estate project.

Despite its positioning as a generalist, Aquila Asset Management is especially known for its expertise in the following real estate strategies :
  • The development / restructuring of office or multipurpose buildings ;
  • The lot by lot sale of residential, office or multipurpose buildings ;
  • The enhancement of diffuse and granular portfolios ;
  • The management and enhancement of non performing debt portfolios ;
  • The conversion of obsolete buildings ;
  • The management and enhancement of "core" buildings.