Aquila Asset Management is a real estate asset management company serving third parties.

We develop and carry out strategies relating to the acquisition, development and disposal of real estate assets for our clients, which include both institutional and private investors. We are specialized in the use of intensive valuation methods which enable us to maximize the financial return of a property according to our customers' individual risk profiles.
Aquila Asset Management's scope of action covers all types of real estate assets and risk profiles throughout France.

Aquila Asset Management is a totally independent structure owned by its managers and employees.

Aquila Asset Management was founded in 2010. Its portfolio of assets under management totals c. €400m.

"The picture here features a golden eagle. Thanks to its 300° field of vision and its exceptional visual eyesight, the best in the entire animal kingdom, the golden eagle can spot its prey 1 mile away. Capable of going as fast as 185 mph when diving after prey, the golden eagle hunts opportunistically and by surprise, covering an area that can sometimes exceed 310 square miles. Like the eagle, Aquila Asset Management is able to quickly and efficiently project itself so as to identify, analyze and conduct investment opportunities on behalf of its clients."