Aquila Asset Management is a real estate asset management company serving third parties

What we do

A complete and integrated real estate asset management service

Since 2010, Aquila Asset Management has been assisting institutional investors or family offices in the definition and execution of their real estate strategy. Its independence and vision of the market, combined with a high degree of technical and financial expertise, have enabled Aquila Asset Management to establish itself over the long term as a trusted partner for its clients.


Aquila Asset Management offers a full range of services in the fields of real estate investment and asset management. Its team of managers, analysts and experts supports its clients from the selection of investment opportunities to the sale of assets, including the valuation or administrative and financial management phases. In particular, Aquila Asset Management has recognised experience in high value-creation operations such as the restructuring, conversion or repositioning of office or retail assets, as well as the sale of residential or mixed-use properties.

Assets under Management
€1.5 billion


Aquila Asset Management operates on the French market in all categories of real estate assets: office, retail, logistics and residential. Its clients have a wide range of profiles: pan-European or global investment funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, key accounts, etc.


Its asset managers and analysts have a direct interest in the financial performance of the assets under management. They are supported by a management team that is heavily involved in each case. This organisation enables Aquila Asset Management to offer its clients a top-of-the-range service and to guarantee the long-term commitment of a team of motivated professionals at their side.

PB6 Tower

La Défense, 2019

Our approch

Combining high standards and flexibility to provide high-end service and tailor-made solutions


Gennevilliers, 2015

01 / Defending a single interest
We are totally independent. And we have no other activity than real estate asset management. We remain focused on a single objective: the success of our clients' projects.
Our commitment
We believe that trust cannot be ordered. It is built on evidence of commitment and results. By maintaining a strict positioning as a real estate asset manager, we guarantee our clients a constant alignment of interest with them. In addition, our internal organisational structure ensures the long-term involvement of our employees.
02 / Controlling risk and enhancing capital value
We have extensive experience of the French real estate market. However, in order to guarantee risk control on large-scale projects, local knowledge is not enough. It must be backed up by a rigorous methodology and high-performance analysis tools.
safety and reliability
Our expertise
In real estate, legal, regulatory or environmental constraints are superimposed on the risks inherent in the market. Risk analysis must take into account complex models in order to provide a global view without neglecting any detail. To achieve this, we have developed cutting-edge methods and tools. They enable us to offer our clients perfectly reliable analysis or reporting.
03 / Offering personalized services
Real estate asset management requires a strong ability to adapt. Today, it also requires the ability to identify and implement innovative solutions at each stage of a project. Thanks to a permanent business intelligence, we offer our clients original and adapted solutions.
Our philosophy
Each investor has its own objectives and risk tolerance. In addition, each property generates its own particular problems. This is why we believe that imagination and a sense of innovation must be combined with methodological rigour to produce original solutions that fully meet our clients' expectations.
Our values

Our actions and our relationship with our customers and partners are guided by 7 principles

Principle 1


Aquila Asset Management complies with the law and conducts its business in an ethical manner.

Principle 2


Aquila Asset Management provides a level of service based on a total commitment to its clients.

Principle 3


Aquila Asset Management is capable of adapting in order to provide its clients with tailor-made services.

Principle 4


Aquila Asset Management is a flexible and highly responsive organization that is able to take action with short notice.

Principle 5


As each real estate asset is unique, Aquila Asset Management has the skills and experience required to offer innovative solutions and strategies to its clients.

Principle 6


Aquila Asset Management is a totally independent company whose sole purpose is the management of real estate assets, which guarantees a total alignment of interest with its clients.

Principle 7

High standards

Aquila Asset Management's approach is based on analysis, rigour and control. It is based on a fundamental principle: maintaining a global vision while paying attention to detail.