We develop the value of your real estate assets

Aquila Asset Management is a real estate asset management company.


We assist investors in their acquisition, valuation or management strategies for all types of real estate assets in France.

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We work with you to build tailor-made strategies

La gestion d’actifs immobiliers repose sur une compréhension fine des objectifs de chaque investisseur. Notre indépendance, notre capacité d’écoute, notre force d’analyse et de projection mais aussi notre réactivité face aux opportunités nous permettent d’élaborer des réponses en adéquation totale avec le profil de risque et les attentes de rendement de nos clients.

Real estate asset management is based on a detailed understanding of each investor’s objectives. Our independence, our ability to listen, our strength of analysis and projection but also our responsiveness to opportunities enable us to develop and carry out strategies that are fully in line with the risk profile and return expectations of our clients.

Date of formation of Aquila Asset Management
February 2010
Assets under Management
€1.5 billion

Ariane Tower

La Défense, 2018

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We orchestrate the success of your projects

Risk control is at the heart of our approach. It is based on tangible elements and calls on qualified expertise in a variety of topics. Our operational and management teams are experienced and involved over the long term. They coordinate the work of our network of experts to ensure performance in line with forecasts throughout the life cycle of your real estate assets.

Investment Management


Lyon, 2018

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Asset Management

PB6 Tower

La Défense, 2019

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Portfolio Management


Vélizy, 2018

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